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Myspace Codes - Codes, Icons and Layouts for your myspace.

Myspace Layouts - Myspace Layouts, Myspace Backgrounds, Codes, Generators, Animations, and much more.

Quizilla - Tons of quizes to take, lyrics to scour, and people to meet.

Smaller Link - Take long nasty links, and turn them into short, easily sharable links that will be valid forever

I-Am-Bored.com - A list of sites for when you're feeling bored

Teen Horoscopes - Kiwibox is an online Teen Magazine for Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Games, Love and Advice

TheaterTricks.com - Theater tricks has all the inside scoup on how to get Broadway show tickets for 50% off or less!

More Entertainment
ChillBars.com - Chill Bars is the resource for thirsty folks looking to use their money for their rent, not their Miller Lite

Free Teen Stuff - Get Free Stuff for teens, chat, funny videos and more

Mike Howard - MikesPad.com is a Music and Life Blog and PhotoBlog based in New York City

Photography - Some pretty sweet photography from NYC and around the world
more links and free stuff....

If you are interested in trading links please follow these steps

#1. Make sure your Google PageRank is 3 or greater HERE
#2. Put the following code one your Homepage
<a title="Line Rider" href="http://EntertainmentFans.com/linerider/" target="_blank">Line Rider</a>
#4. Then email us the link to your HomePage along with the page you want EF to link to. If our link is on your site, and your site is PR 3 or above, your link will be live on this page in 24 hours.

You can also AIM us at NtertainmentFans anytime of day
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